WAI Speech

WAI-Speech is a live interpretation system for onsite conferences which works with any smartphone or tablet.

Attendees can have a live translation and interpretation for multilingual by using their own smartphone without any further requirement, no extra hardware necessary.
All you need is your mobile phone and your headphones/earphones/earpods.

The system provides in real time translated¬†captions and the natural speech voice in the target languages, distributed in the room by a dedicated WiFi hotspot.  

WAI-SpeEch working at the International Journalism Festival 2023

The pros of the service

– People use their own devices. No app installation is required, it works with standard browsers (Chrome, Firefox, ecc.).
– No more renting or buying, and handing out devices.
– Scalability for any size of event.
– Several language channels at the same time.
– No more hygiene issues.
– No internet connection is required for the attendees


WAI-SpeEch working at the Festival Of Ethical Photography 2023

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